Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thank you for being willing and taking the time to research your options for homeschooling your children this year. We have updated the blog AGAIN to include information from the Tuesday informational meeting with East Valley. It's on a separate tab just above this section. We will include a similar page after the Deer Park parent meeting this Thursday in our continuing effort to provide families with information on their choices.

Please also participate in the two polls posted on the right. These are simply to gather information and to get an idea of how to best proceed with program development.

There is also the ability to make comments on each post. Keep in mind that we are here to present information and have open, honest discussion, NOT belittle or criticize each other for making personal decisions about how we educate our children. We would ask that everyone remember their family goals for homeschooling and respect that that answer will be different for everyone.

You may have a lot of questions that are not answered in detail here on the blog. Feel free to post questions in the comment area and we will try to address them in a timely fashion.


  1. Also I would like to request another meeting with John and the board to discuss what the school will look like and have some questions answered. Thank you.